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General Information

As a student in Communication, you will learn how to examine and analyze the ways people affect others and are affected by others through communication.

Our primary emphasis is on the scientific approach to investigating the behaviors of individuals, groups, organizations and mass media systems engaged in communication, and on the application of our knowledge of communication in a variety of areas in which Communication majors find employment. 
Given these emphases, majors receive broad training in communication theory, research, and applied areas of communication.

Advising in Communication

The Communication department has two Academic Advisors who are available to assist COMM majors, COMM minors, and Pre-Comm students regarding policies, procedures, and general course questions about scheduling and classes. Please make an appointment on ADVAPP to set-up an individual 30 minute meeting.

If you have questions about specific career advice in the field of Communication and/or pursuing a graduate degree in Communication, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor on ADVAPP.

If you are unsure about your assigned academic or faculty advisor, log onto your StudentAdmin account where your advisors are listed.