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Graduate News


05.11.2013 Congratulations to all our 2013 Communication graduate students who recieved their doctoral and master's degrees!

02.01.2013 Read Mary Helen Millham's comments on a proposed bill in Arizona which criminalizes online impersonation.

10.05.2012 Read Gretta Flynn's comments in the CT Post on the 2012 Connecticut Senatorial Election.

09.17.2012 Congratulations to the COMM Deptís summer intramural softball team, the COMMies, on winning the championship!


05.07.2011 Drs.Carolyn Lin, Kirstie Cope-Farrar and David Atkin congratulated Archana Krishnan (left), Rory McGloin (back left) and Eric Langstedt (back right) for receving their doctoral degrees at the Graduate School reception.


11.18.10 Read about Christopher Kowal's comments on charisma and leadership via UConn Today.


11.14.10 - 11.17.10 Annual Convention, National Communication Association, SanFranciso, CA

Dr. Veksler, Dr. McGloin, Dr. Cope-Farrar, Steve Stifano and Dr. Nowak
Stephen Stifano
Christopher Kowal
Michael Miller
Theresa MacNiel & Dr. Buck
Rory McGoin, Dr. Cope-Farrar & Dr. Krcmar





                                     Zeus & Prof Vanlear


                                 Gretta & Prof. Hamilton                                                                                  Jerry & Steve


                                    Mitlon & Prof. Wang                                                                          Prof. Buck & Ashley


            Profs Farrar (back), Rios, Vanlear, Lin, Buck & Wang                                Prof. Hamilton


                       Profs. Snyder, Nowk & Hamilton                                                   Profs. Vanlear, Buck, Wang & Lin




                         Prof. Nowak                                                       Prof. Rios                                               

     Prof. Vanlear & Gail (background)                 Profs. Cope-Farrar & Atkin