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COMM in the News


04.21.14 Dr. Carolyn Lin was interviewed by WKSU, a public radio station, regarding that the "U.S. Supreme Court will consider if Ohio law can prohibit political lies".

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04.01.14 Dr. Kristine Nowak was quoted in this UConn Today piece about Husky fans and their use of social media during games.


10.08.13 Read Professor Kirstie Farrar's comments on the rise in the level of sex on television in recent years in Variety.

07.25.13 Read Professor Kristine Nowak's comments on the recently revealed online activities of NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner on Vocativ.

07.14.13 Read Federico Fros Campelo's blog about his meeting with Professor Ross Buck!

06.03.13 Read about Professor Leslie Snyder's grant to assess the potential impact of controversial, new graphic warning labels for cigarette packages on UConn Today.

05.24.13 Read about Professor Kirstie Farrar and Professor Rory McGloin's work on the perception of human appearance and agression in video games at The Hartford Courant, UConn Today. You can also listen to Professor Farrar's interviews with WHSU and NPR on this topic.

04.17.13 Read about Professor Diana Rios's comments on her findings on the cultural impact of telenovelas on CT Latino News.

03.06.13 Alice Veksler is an Assistant Professor at Christopher Newport University (CNU) and a Graduate Faculty member at the University of Connecticut.
She recently completed the setup of her new wet lab at CNU (see photos below), where she measures stress and other physiological phenomena with blood tests.


01.24.13 Read about Professor Atkin's research on how people use Facebook, on UConn Today.

01.05.13 Read about Professor Kirstie Cope-Farrar's comments in an article on video game violence in the Record Journal.

10.23.12 Read about Professor Christensen's research on interactive video games he designs to help individuals make healthy decisions on UConn Today.


08.06.12 Read about a Facebook study by doctoral students Dan Hunt and Archana Krishnan with Professor David Atkin that went viral, appearing in 200+ media outlets worldwide, some examples of which can be found here, here, and here.


04.23.12 Watch Professor Carolyn Lin's interview with Fox-News 61 about Facebook and narcissism.

12.30.11 Professor Mark Hamilton, Alice Veksler, and Melissa Tafoya won a top paper award from the Communication and Social Cognition Division of the National Communication Association. Their paper "Stress and Personality as Antecedents to Verbal and Physical Aggression: Verbal Collaboration and Social Distancing as Compensatory Strategies." was presented at the annual conference in New Orleans, LA.


06.03.11 Read about Professor Diana Rios's research on the social and cultural implications of telenovelas.


04.08.11 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's comments on your Facebook pictures in Men's Health magazine.


03.07.11 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's comments on social network addiction in Men's Health magazine.


03.20.11 Read about Professor Alice Veksler's research on romance and tweeting in Time magazine.


02.14.11 Read about Professor Kristine Nowak's comments on Valentine's Day and tweeting in the Hartford Courant.


11.20.10 William Sharkey of the University of Hawaii and Professor Mark Hamilton of the University of Connecticut have won a top four award for their paper "Proclivity to Intentionally Embarrass Scales: PIE-self and PIE-other"  from the Interpersonal Communication Division of the Western States Communication Association.  They will present their paper in Monterey CA this coming February.


11.01.10 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's comments on voter turnout for this year's mid-term election on UConn Today.


09.21.10 Listen to Professor Buck's discussion of how love songs affect our emotions on WRNP's Colin McEnroe Show.


09.10.10 Read about Professor Ross Buck's discussion on love songs and emotions on UConn Today.


09.07.10 Read about Professor David Atkin's interview on Craiglist controversy in the Hartford Courant.


09.05.10 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on commemoration of the 9/11 event in the Record Journal.


06.11.10 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on the future of Internet radio in the Republican American.


01.24.10 Reada about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on public apologies and public image in the Republic American.


03.23.09 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on her "Remember Last Night" campaign in the Hartford Courant.


03.20.09 A paper by Dr. Mark Hamilton has been awarded a top-four award by the New Communication Technology Division of the National Communication Association. The title of the paper is "Identity, Marginalization, and the Internet: Differentiating Traditional and Social Media Use," The paper will be presented at the 95th Annual Convention, November 12-15, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois.


01.26.09 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on public shaming via advertising billboards in the Connecticut Post.


11.07.08 Listen to Professor Melissa Tafoya's interview with WILI's Wayne Norman on family and romantic relationships.


11.07.08 Read about Professor Melissa Tafoya's comments on post-election family dialog in the Hartford Courant.


10.10.08 Congratulations to Dr. Leslie Snyder for receiving the 2008 American Public Health Association's Rogers Award (for outstanding contribution to advancing the study and/or practice of public health communication) and a $35,000 supplemental grant for the Center of Excellence for Health Communication & Marketing from the Centers for Disease Control to study The Distribution and Effects of Personal Public Service Announcements to Promote HIV Testing.


10.05.08 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on false political advertising in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


09.29.08 Read about Professor Melissa Tafoya's research on the dark side of interpersonal communication in Advance.


09.07.08 Read about Professor Carolyn Lin's interview on 9/11 related myths in the Connecticut Post.


08.28.08 Listen to Professor Ross Buck's discussion of emotional intelligent on WNPR's Where We Live Program.


08.20.08 Storrs Faculty Attended the Stamford Campus Town Hall Meeting

Prof. David D’Alessio (Stamford Faculty) & the Storrs Faculty Band (Background)

Profs. David D’Alessio (Stamford Faculty) & Carolyn Lin (Storrs Faculty)

Profs. Alex Wang and David D’Alessio (Stamford Faculty)


07.05.07 Read about Professor Kristine Nowak's work on how avatars are perceived in cyberspace in New Scientist.


03.12.07 Center for Health Intervention, Prevention a Magnet for Grants