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Faculty Research Labs

Alcohol / Media Laboratory

Leslie Snyder

With funding from the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, we are examining the effects of alcohol advertising on youth. Dr. Snyder, Dr. Hamilton, and graduate students are also working on meta-analyses of communication campaigns.


Digital Gamesmith© Laboratory - Arjona 203

Mark Hamilton

James Watt

John Christensen

Photo 1

The Digital Gamesmith © Laboratory designs and analyzes software for serious games and statistical applications.  Current projects include:

  • the Statstar game that students use to facilitate the learning of basic statistical concepts (Hamilton & Watt). Team members include Emily Campbell, Sarah Flodine, Mattew Gajdosik, and Anthony Russello
  • CFA: a confirmatory factor analysis program (Hunter & Hamilton)
  • Path: a least squares causal modeling program (Hunter & Hamilton)
  • Meta-cor: a program to perform meta-analysis on correlations (Hamilton)


Digital and Interactive Communication Effects (DAICE) Laboratory - Arjona 304

David Atkin


Emotional Communication Laboratory - PCSB 109

Ross Buck

The Emotion Communication Research Laboratory does research on the role of emotion in communication, including studying relationships between emotional arousal, experience, expression, and communication. Particular foci include (a) fMRI brain responses and empathy (b) Emotional expression and communication in patient samples (schizophrenia, cancer, brain-damaged, autism, behaviorally-disordered). (c) Relationships between emotion and reason in persuasion, with particular reference to political and safe sex communication; (d) the nature of "higher level" social, cognitive, and moral emotions and their role in communication. The Laboratory is equipped for digital video, video editing and special effects, polygraph and blood-pressure measurement, and computer-based event recording/audience analysis.


Health Informatics, Marketing and Environmental Communication Laboratory - Arjona 304

Carolyn Lin


Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory - Arjona 215

Kristine Nowak

Saras Bellur

Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Connecticut is focused on how the interface influences person perception and perceptions of the media.


Interpersonal Interaction Laboratory - Arjona 237

Arthur VanLear

Mike Miller

Amanda Denes


Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality - COMM (REGS-COMM) Laboratory - Arjona 304

Diana Rios

The Ethnic and Women Audiences Lab and Field at the University of Connecticut addresses interdisciplinary areas of research including: Brown and Black communication; news functions, popular communication, entertainment studies (soap operas and telenovelas); racialized and gendered media users; cross-cultural, intercultural communication processes; politics.


Video Game Laboratory - Arjona 211

Kirstie Farrar