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General Information

The Ph.D. program in Communication at the University of Connecticut offers students a unique curriculum which stresses the integration of theory and research in communication. This program is conducted in the Department of Communication . It culminates in a Ph.D. within the field of Communication.

Our program places strong emphasis on communication theory and a wide range of research skills. The goal is to provide students with a rigorous course of study that will prepare them for careers in the academic, commercial, or non-profit spheres. Our doctoral alumni are active and productive scholars and practitioners of the communication discipline.

Alumni of our doctoral program are found teaching and conducting research in Communication departments, schools of Journalism and Mass Communication, and schools of Public Health. UConn Communication doctoral alumni are also valued in industry and government, for their skills in research on mass communication and new technology effects, advertising, audience analysis, evaluation, and other areas of communication. Because our program emphasizes a balance between theory and application, alumni leave UConn with a dynamic skill and knowledge set, qualifying them for a variety professional employment opportunities both inside and outside the academy.